KittyClean silica gel catlitter 6L

Silica cat litter 6L bag – is a larger package of Kitty Clean 3.8L silica cat litter already known and well accepted by customers, which is suitable for cat owners who have more than one cat (according to statistics, 52% of cat owners have two or more cats).
The 6L bag also optimally fills the most common cat litter box on the market so that it is not too full and the cat(s) do not start scratching out excess bedding.
In addition, the price per litre of a 6L package is slightly lower than that of a 3.8L package.

The cat litter is made of 100% natural granulated silicon.
It has a very effective absorption and odour binding effect.
Superbly absorbent – always clean and dry sand.
Prevents odours and bacteria.
The shape of the granules reduces that they get outside the box – granules do not stick to the cat’s paws.

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